Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC of South Jersey

homepicWelcome to Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC. We are a South Jersey animal hospital in Woodbury Heights, NJ. When a pet hurts, we hurt. We’ll do whatever we can to put your pet at ease, to help your pet live a full and active life.

Pets have feelings. Like us, they experience pain and discomfort. The best that we can do is get them the care that they deserve. The best care around. With doctors who will understand their needs and treat them with compassion and respect. At Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC, we do all that, and more. We know you love your pet. We’ll love your pet, too. That is why we also offer free shipping on medication including all flea, tic and heartworm medication from all the brands you trust.

We will Be Here for You – Give us a Call:

  • When your pet is not feeling well.
  • When you have a new puppy or kitten that needs to be seen.
  • When your pet(s) are due for their yearly vaccination or exam.
  • When your pet(s) needs a nail trim.
  • When you just have a question.




Purchase your medication safely!
With a manufacturer guarantee that you can get ONLY from a veterinarian!


Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC is a Animal Hospital in Woodbury Heights, NJ that serves the needs of household pets.