Please Complete our survey below. You will be asked to RANK our service from 1-5. (Five Being Highest)

NA = Not Applicable
5 = Extremely Satisfied
4 = Very Satisfied
3 = Satisfied
2 = Dissatisfied
1 = Extremely Dissatisfied

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    Section A: Initial Contact

    (1) The greeting you received when you called (i.e. were you greeted warmly and professionally?)

    (2) The amount of time you were put "on hold," if applicable?

    (3) If you left a message for a doctor or staff member, the amount of time it took for you to receive a return call?

    Section B: Appearance & Cleanliness

    (1) The general appearance of the hospital exterior (i.e. the building, parking lot, grounds)?

    (2) The general appearance and cleanliness of the hospital interior (i.e. the reception area, the exam room, general aroma)?

    (3) The general appearance of our doctors and staff members (i.e. did they have a professional appearance)?

    Section C: Your Visit

    (1) The greeting you and your pet received upon entering the hospital?

    (2) The wait time you experienced in the exam room?

    (3) The accuracy of your bill?

    Section D: Patient Interaction

    (1) The way in which our doctors and staff interacted with your pet?

    (2) The way in which your pet was restrained for his/her physical exam?

    Section E: Thoroughness of Care

    (1) The thoroughness of the patient history taken for your pet?

    (2) The thoroughness of our doctor's examination of your pet?

    (3) The thoroughness and clarity of our doctor's explanation of your pet's physical condition to you?

    (4) The thoroughness and clarity of our doctor's health plan for your pet's visit (i.e. medical recommendations for diagnostic tests and further treatments)?

    (5) The thoroughness and clarity of our doctor's and staff's instructions for your pet's home care (i.e. cleaning ears, brushing teeth, administering medications)?

    Section F: Overall Quality

    (1) The overall experience of visiting our hospital?

    (2) The quality of care you and your pet received?

    (3) The service and care you and your pet received at our hospital in relation to the amount of your bill?


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