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Woodbury Animal Hospitals

If you need an animal hospital in Woodbury, NJ then you need to come see the friendly folks at Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC. We are a South Jersey animal hospital in Woodbury Heights, NJ that has been serving the veterinary needs of the Woodbury area since 1986. Our staff of talented veterinarians and vet-techs stand ready to help pet owners through even the most difficult times. We have 4 full time veterinary doctors and a large support staff allowing us to devote our full attention to our clients while having the ability to  handle many cases simultaneously. Gray Fox is… Continue reading »

Animal Hospitals in South Jersey

There are over 100 animal hospitals in South Jersey and approximately 8 animal hospitals in Gloucester County. This gives you a lot of options when selecting treatment for your pet. If your animal’s life is in immediate peril, we encourage you to take them to the closest animal hospital immediately even if you don’t take your pets to Gray Fox Animal Hospital, LLC we want them to live a long and healthy life. If you live in Gloucester County we want you to know that we are the leading Gloucester county animal hospital with over 25 years of experience (1986).… Continue reading »